no udder milk will do

so, im going to make an effort to make more public posts. maybe theyll be less interesting, maybe theyll be more. well see.

today i stumbled upon multiple things, completely unintentionally, that got my hamster running.

1. little girl goes to dairy farm, is pumped to feed baby cows formula with bottles.

so.. lets analyze this. baby cow gets formula, so mother cow can be milked for human consumption. i wonder if the formula was made with breastmilk? (no really, this is about cows, not lactivism, surprise surprise) seriously though, i cant even put into words the multitude of thoughts that rush through my head when i think of that scenario, that happens constantly in our country (literally constantly. calves are allowed to nurse for 6 hours, then theyre seperated, never to see their mother again, and given a bottle with powder based formula.)
i guess, while ive known this for some time, i dont think about it much. we dont drink cow's milk, and we hardly fool with any form of cow dairy. but the thought makes me a little sick. sorry to go all animal rights on you, but as a mother, this just seems almost as far from ok as it gets. 

there was a #2, but i forgot it. :)

someone should intervene.

today i picked up my first skeins of lorna's laces. idk, i really dig thicker yarns, but they were pretty and on sale, so i thought id give it a whirl. now, what the heck to make with them? booties, headbands?

my goal was to get a couple more skeins of this red b got me, so i could make a sweater, but there was only one skein remaining, and it wasnt even the same shade. it is beautiful no less. but now i just have 2 skeins of super soft red malabrigo. bah to a yarn store that doesnt love malabrigo as much as me. they should have at LEAST 10 cubes dedicated to the goodness. not just one.

so, no sweater. not until fall anyways. unless i feel like shopping online, but its usually more expensive that way, and i have no doubt i can concoct enough projects to keep me busy. lord knows i have the yarn.

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for whatever reason, i tend to find myself slightly aquainted with someone that absolutely grates my nerves.

and i cant draw myself to completely remove them from my life, ill blame it on my love of mental/intellectual stimulation (stupid people make me think that much harder)

so, the particular person in question recently posted this on a popular social networking site...

"If it wasn’t for the good lord and the man, There wouldn’t be a breath of freedom in this land. I see people on my T.V. taking shots at uncle Sam, I hope they always remember why they can, 'Cause we’d all be speakin’ German, Livin’ under the flag of Japan, If it wasn’t for The Good Lord & The Man."

im not sure where such a quote came from, but it makes me want to scream, as sheeple accomplish nothing, and never have, in the way of freedoms and progress. so i thought for a brief moment, as thats all the time i have to think about things like this, and this was the best i could come up with...

"lest not forget, our freedoms were accomplished not by "the man", but by civilians protesting british rule. this continues to be the way our freedoms are afforded and maintained. (ie. womens rights, civil rights, etc.)"

i wish i was wittier. i wish my fact based knowledge was in a more easilly acessable part of my brain.

i just hate the notion that an unjustified war somewhere is what secures the few freedoms we have left. honestly, i think its safe to say, that "the man" has removed more of our freedoms than ... anyone. and if we dont control "the man" (our government) we will only loose more freedoms (hello cspia)



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i want to be in bed, but while laying down i remembered i really needed to submit an order. so here i am, waiting for it to upload.

we spent most of the day trying to get (mac) osx on the two hps (a laptop, and my desktop) ending in success for the laptop. the desktop will require a little more dedication that will have to come at a later date. its fun to sit on osx, with the specs of a macbook pro (minus the video card, that thing has poop for video) having not spent anywhere near the macbook pro pricetag.

if i successfully get it on the desktop, issue free, i may just lay off the "i need a mac" bit. of course, i think itll only give me more reason to long for the display, but shoot, thats 1/3rd the price. and if you consider ill have mac pro specs, its an even smaller fraction (of course you could account what we paid for this tower, which was still a good deal and nowhere NEAR a mac pro to match)

i probably dont make sense right now. im mad tired.

tomorrow we see a school house rocks play type deally. i think itll be fun.

i MUST remember to force brian to register for summer classes following. ive been putting off making plans for my coal documentary treks until we know what hes looking at, and im tired of waiting. im ready to see the missing mountains NOW!
i want my brain and heart to grow more and more. i want to capture it all on... (data?)
i want to inform someone, inspire someone, captivate, bring about awe. and most of all change.

i keep hearing the photos are NOTHING like the real thing. which i in no way doubt. i just hope, really really hope, that i can photograph all of this as artistically raw as possible. to where its captivating, and profound. i hope to reveal every aspect that the mass majority of people will never see. the people, the mountains, the power plants. all the way eugene smith did the girl in the bath tub. lewis hine the children in the factories. i want it to change my life as much as i hope it changes others.

this is my calling and shit. lost mountain was so awesome. the author was a pantheist. the more i learn about pantheism the more i feel like there is a single classification for me and my beliefs. god (for me) is the earth, the sun, the air. all that is natural. all that was before us, and will ideally be after us. to destroy a piece of nature. destroy being of destruction, opposite of construction, ie. constructive. you destroy a part of me, my children, my brothers, and my sisters. "property" is so silly. how can we say something is "ours" that was never "ours" to begin with. how can you purchase something that was around long before your ancestors?
i just do not comprehend humans. so inconsiderate.

my order finished. goodnight!

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i picked up "lost mountain" ... at the "louisville loves mountains" ... festival? theres nothing celebratory about it though.

i cant even begin to summarize what all is going on. with the mountains, the coal, the people. not only in this book, everywhere.
heres a photo story of a lady in tenneessee...
she also keeps a livejournal (the lady, not the photographer, though they may as well.)

i wish i had a mountain, i wish below it there were billions of americans, that didnt witness what goes on in them every day. so i could somehow shout down to them what was happening in our nation.

there are zillions of issues. all with valid reasons for concerns. but right now. somehow, this one peaks for me.
no longer do i think much on the nations eatting habits. our endless war on "terror", stupid "bailouts". i dont worry much about religious insanity, or prejudice. i can hardly think really. its plauging my mind. coal. coal is all i think about.

ill thank my "faith", or lack thereof. the "church" we attend, which of course is only valuable because of those in attendance with us. i think one can learn a lot from UUs, including myself. we saw bumper stickers reading things like "topless mountains are obscene", with no clue what they were referrencing. at some point we saw a flyer somewhere, touching on mountaintop removal, or "strip mining". and i began to peice it together. began being the operative word.

when my church announced a group going to a "rally" in frankfort (the capital) to encourge legislation forcing coal companies to be slightly more responsible, we joyously went. we walked a mile to the capital steps in an attempt to represent all the miles of streams destroyed (if only 1400 people were in attendence.)

durring this rally, listening to people speak, from ashley judd to a young lady that recently moved from an affected area, i learned much more, and came home to continue.

for the first time in my life (that im aware of) i can view the power plant. not only that, but i can see it from the highway, its thick cloud of smoke. i like to think im pretty smart. and i feel confident this stuff cant be good.

i continue to read stories. on the net, in books, from people (those of course involve listening, not reading) and each one tears at my heart.

i am no better than anyone, and anyone no better than me. this earth belongs to each one of us, and beyond. it belongs to the deer, and the snakes, the lady bugs, and the humming birds. even the trees, and carrots, have every right to be here. and sure, its all for the taking, but only take what you can give back. there is no way to give back an entire mountain, no matter how much "energy" provided.
there is no way to give back lives taken by a sludge pond breakage. and id be willing to live in the dark if i thought itd end there.

im small, and im meager. my confidence sits fairly low most days. but im moved. i am brainstorming on how to compile the resources to do a photo documentary on coal. from start (mountains) to finish (power plant) and anyone involved/affected in between.
i long to be as unbiased as i possibly can, while remaining completely raw. draw your own conclussions. just know that knowledge is power.

if you wish to provide ANY form of support in my journey (from spiritual cheerleading, to linking me someone with a first hand encounter, to helping me apply for grants) i would be forever greatful.

although, my only goal with this is to open eyes and minds. i am in no way searching for financial gain.