October 8th, 2009


(no subject)

I MUST order business cards and related materials.
I MUST finish editing a shoot.
I MUST charge my new battery.
I must redo my phone.
I must get my ducks in a row.

we took d to a clinical herbalist today. it was a cool experience, somewhat surreal. it was much cheaper than any allopathic much less homeopathic doctor would have been. that's not to say our/her problems are resolved. but I'm not certain anyone would have a surefire answer without trial and error. at least with this I'm not worried about any side effects, etc. worst case scenario, nothing changes and were on to plan b.

it was cool though. haha. it's a little unmarked building in an alley. I'm officially a quack.
there was no exam table or sterile metal tray. it was really personal. we will no doubt see him again.

I'm going round and round with the. radios for my camera. it's confussing to explain but basically they updated the firmware to where Im supposed to sink another $200+ to accomplish what I was accomplishing pre upgrade. it's killing me.