September 17th, 2009


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we went to nc, came back, someone had broken a window in our backdoor to open said door. the only thing weve found missing was a psp.
this is the second time someones come in while we were out of town. last time b was missing some nintendo ds' and our piggy bank and penny jar disappeared. oh yeah, and a recently told us shes been missing her camera for quite some time. so thats probably where that went too. :(

yet, the 405932850 computers remain untouched. its silly.
the neighbor said he saw the (kids) leaving and chased them down, grabbing ones arm, after calling the police. but the kid got away.
aparently this has happened to multiple people in the neighborhood recently. its really crappy.

we got a costco membership today. thats kinda cool.

i really want to make my business "official" or whatever. but its so overwhelming. i mean, i dont generate enough income (technically im still in the hole) for me to personally justify hiring an accountant, but im lost. i keep getting mixed .. findings? on what to do. what my responsibilities are, etc.

so we had that flood a couple months ago. got several feet of water in the basement. EVERYTHING we had down there was ruined.
seems most of it was due to not having some "sewage shut off valve" installed. which the landlord knew about and could get free from msd.
floods are not, and cannot be covered by renters insurance. fortunately fema came in and we got a little money, enough to replace our washer (still no dryer, thank goodness for a clothesline and the sun!)
they told us they couldnt pay for certain stuff because the owner of the house has insurance that should cover it, and if it doesnt, it was his job to contact fema.
well, we told him of this verdict. he claims he contacted fema and a) they will not give him any money (duh, this is a for profit rental for him, that he has insurance on. they told us they could help him get a sba loan if thats what he needed, but hes not eligible for fema on a rental property) and b) hes not responsible for any of our items.

well. fema also told us they would give us so much a month to stay somewhere else while repairs are made. but, he claims he doesnt have to make repairs because our living quarters arent in the basement. and how in the heck do you find somewhere to rent, temporarilly?

part of me, really wants to move. again. i love our yard, i like parts of our house. but i dont like the thought of my stuff disappearing. i dont like b constantly blowing his nose and whining about respiratory issues.
i dont like moving, really.

plus, itd be our second time moving in just over a year (6 months at each location) which doesnt look good. i hate the thought of looking like a bad renter. the idea of loosing our deposit, AGAIN. ive never had this much trouble with landlords in my life. its killing me.
i mean, on a personal level, hes a nice guy. small things, hes pretty good about fixing in a fair amount of time. but big stuff, forget it!
we were without a/c for almost a month after the flood, during some of the hottest days of the year.
b's asked him to help clean up the basement and he refused to do anything. other than bring an industrial fan to "dry it out".