September 10th, 2009


(no subject)

i made (yet another) blog.

i havnt posted anything as of yet.
ive sort of thought of doing this for a while. but wasnt sure how to approach it, im still not. but after a conversation after dinner with friends this evening i knew i needed to take the plunge.

im no good with citing and rewriting facts/research/etc. at least not completely. i guess thats where the "primitive" part comes in. some stuff, just goes with gut. and my gut may not match those of others. which is fine. so im sort of torn. i really just want to be able to explain my views in an uncensored environment. or somewhat uncensored.

im rambling.

but yeah, i worry that it could be too personal. if that makes any sense.

so tonight, were talking about various things. birth and such. this person having no children.
so, she says shes all about going to the hospital and getting drugs. i say thats fine, just make sure to research everything she can pertaining to whatever aspect of child bearing/raising. because i wish i had been led to various things sooner.
i somehow get brought to mentioning the us ceserean rate of 33%, i ask if she believes that 1 in 3 women honestly cant birth vaginally. she says "yes", with the utmost affirmation.
in times like this i get flustered, i get dumb founded. at this point, there is the two of us and one other female friend standing with us, so i say, of us 3, one of us are not physically able to birth vaginally? and again, she sticks firmly with her yes.
im not sure where it went after this, but i imagine i felt like i often feel. like im talking to a brick wall. or something of that nature.
i then walk away thinking of all i wished i had said. about how much higher our infant mortality is than other developed nations (and how said nations have much lower c-sec rates). how this insane rate has come about in less than 10 years. is all of this just coincidence? are americans really that faulty? that 1 in 3 females in the us (regardless of initial origin) cannot birth vaginally? is that in no way related to our much higher rate of infant mortality?

so, i just want to have a collective place to speak of these sort of thoughts/experiences. but, i dont want to offend anyone, though i wouldnt mind getting people thinking who otherwise maybe wouldnt have.