September 4th, 2009


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so. when i got married, i "eloped". or. we did i guess.
none the less my friend took pictures of the short uneventful event. which are fun to look back on.

occasionally, i get a little jealous of those that have celebratory type weddings. with all the traditional garb. mostly, i dont much care, as thats just not me.
so, none the less. when i hear/read/see/etc. of people investing all kinds of time, money and stress into a wedding, no matter how big or small (just to plan an event, that in some way is requiring an investment beyond the license fees) yet they cant afford a photographer. it makes me sad.
not because they cant afford me (i dont aim to shoot weddings, though i enjoy them when asked.) but just that apparently people feel a nice dress and cake are more important than someone able to capture those things in a way that you can enjoy them after said day.

if you cant afford a photographer, how can you afford anything for your wedding?
maybe youll have uncle james take pictures, hes got a nice camera. but does he have any idea what hes doing? i mean, sure, youll probably get the part where you kiss your groom, and you stuff cake in each others face, but what about when grandma dances with little billy, or your sister gets hit in the head with the bouquet? these are the things you want to remember. the things that will never ever happen again.

but some people dont understand i suppose. and maybe they never regret it. who knows.

it just seems like, if youre sinking anywhere over 1k into a single day, itd be on the list of priorities. otherwise the day will come and go, like every other, with no documentation save that paper you could have just as easily picked up at the court house.