August 22nd, 2009


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well, i guess we initiated a claim with our rental insurance (for the washer, dryer, etc.)
i know i signed something like a week before the flood that said flood insurance wasnt covered under the rental policy and required a different policy or some such. but i had b talk to our agent just in case. so well hope for the best.
and if that doesnt work, fema finally declared it a federal disaster, so well look into that.
i can totally live without a dryer. but im just not motivated to wash clothes in the tub. b's been a champ, hes kept us in supply of diapers since the "disaster". as in, he washes them in the tub and hangs them on the line every few days. its pretty awesome. i havnt done anything more than ring some out and help hang a few loads. if it was solely up to me, id just go buy some. more cloth (because, you can never have too much), g's, disposables, whatever.

our neighbor lady (i lovingly refer to her as "peggy", though thats not her name at all. shes older, and before we could remember her name i decided she was a peggy.) said we could use her washer today, so i will finally have clean clothes (that i like to wear) in the near future.

im not a purist, i dont claim to be. would i like to be? sure. i really do dream of buiding a shelter from the earth and living off nothing but the land. but i am well aware of my addiction to the comforts the american society affords me, and im attempting to wean myself. slowly. one day at a time as they say in many 12 step programs.

so for now ill go finish washing dishes. by hand. because b doesnt understand why we need dishwasher liquid (weve been out for a couple weeks, dishes were coming out really gross and i wondered why. come to find out, hes been using regular dish soap. when questioned, he wondered why you needed soap at all if the water was so hot and high pressure. sigh)