August 9th, 2009


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ive been doing these monsters on onesies (as well as tie dying, and stenciling designs on onesies)

i also made a mei tai. well, a few, but yeah.

i have two shoots this week. one next week. then a wedding the beginning of september.

in addition to a supposed shoot whenever this lady finally has her baby.
and of course, theres several other hopefuls.

im also waiting for a large family to place their individual orders. waiting for orders stinks. i tend to give up after a while.

which reminds me that i have a client that never did pick up their prints (large, and mounted at that)
and im a terrible person and still havnt learned to have people pay BEFORE i order their prints. sigh.

in addition to that... oh crap! ive got to contact a few people about my documentary.

its exciting, i feel sorta swamped. i really wish i could afford to employ people to do.... well, everything but take the pictures :) (and final editing) but i cant. so i can only move as fast as.. i can move.

i invested in a host (thank you broken_contents ) and transferred my domain. so ive been working pretty hard trying to completely (well, mostly) redo my site, so that once everythings moved over, its ready to go.

theres all sorts of crazy exciting stuff going down. brians got the potential for a pretty interesting job (for him anyways. who am i kidding, its fucking interesting) but i dont want to talk about it for fear of jinxing it. hopefully we know more by the end of the month.
he also going back to school at the end of this month, and taking classroom classes (instead of online) this time. so... yeah, theres just all sorts of good things coming, but a lot of uncertainty with it. at least its not the bad kind of uncertainty. its just the, hmm... where are we going now? sort of thing.