August 4th, 2008


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todays the day.

we went to get the truck, i came home because he had to have it weighed, and the stupid weigh guy isnt there or something, so hes on base, waiting. while all the crap stares me in the face saying "i am soooo not fitting on that truck. hahaha!"


im about 45% done with my sweater. i can "put it on" its exciting. i guess its cool to make something for me.
i looked on ravelry last night and found all these other sweater pattens i dig. so maybe my closet will become self made creations.

id also like to make myself  a shirt sometime. but. ya know.
its just crazy, to spend 30ish dollars (give or take like... 10) plus all the time necessary, on something that could technically be 'bought" for much cheaper.

i guess thats not the point though.

im too much into crafting for the frugality of it. bah!