April 9th, 2008


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alchemys back! on etsy.

i love alchemy, on etsy. because i have so many various skills, that i have trouble marketing them. because i dont "specialize" in just one thing.

i pretty much survived financially, off of alchemy when i was living in indiana.

im so excited.

yes. this is real.

want $25?


FREE $25.00 3 Minute Sign-Up (No Cost!)
That is correct, I at first thought this was some scam, but
legitimately began to realize it was Steve Case partnering with AOL
and FDIC insured. Took me only 3 minutes to sign up and once signed up
you collect your $25.00 right from the page you signed up on! It was
deposited into my account. The account is totally free, and has no
fees - when more people realize this is actually the new major
competitor to PayPal, they will know its true worth and value of use
on the internet. PayPal also gave money away for free $15.00 I believe
and then people would receive money into they're accounts as well for
referrals. This is the same, and just as legitimate. There are no
transaction fees! compared to the x% with paypal