April 2nd, 2008


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That is correct, I at first thought this was some scam, but legitimately began to realize it was Steve Case partnering with AOL and FDIC insured. Took me only 3 minutes to sign up and once signed up you collect your $25.00 right from the page you signed up on! It was deposited into my account. The account is totally free, and has no fees - when more people realize this is actually the new major competitor to PayPal, they will know its true worth and value of use on the internet. PayPal also gave money away for free $15.00 I believe and then people would receive money into they're accounts as well for referrals. This is the same, and just as legitimate. There are no transaction fees! compared to the x% with paypal

The first $25.00 is deposited instantly, as is any referrals you make for the site along the way [before April 15th, 2008] Referrals you made will give you money after the 15th. You will get $10.00 for referral, but do not have to refer anyone if you do not choose to. Its a totally free website, yes you can collect the $25.00 and no longer use the account without any further obligation to do so.

Sign up takes approximately only 3 minutes!

*Checked/Researched And Found To Be Legitimate.
Get $25.00 From Bank Started Up by Steve Case from AOL Company/Partnered Program!
(New Competitor Bank To PayPal/Get $25 Free if Signed Up Before April 15th, 2008!)

The accounts are issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD, Member FDIC and part of the Fishback Financial Corporation.