August 23rd, 2007


i started to post this a few days ago

so, i got my old harddrive, and my new hd with my data on it.
i first installed win xp "black edition" on it, but i couldnt get the sound to work, and was interested in the 64 bit edition of windows anyways, since i have a 64 bit processor, might as well utilize it. so i got that, legitimately through ms with a 120 day trial. after install it says i have 15 days to activate :( so much for the 120 days, i thought "that will give me plenty of time to figure out what i want to do next, or maybe ill have a mac by then and can run linux on here exclusively." oh well.
so, i couldnt get the network card to work on there :\, so, im now going back to the "black edition", the 32 bit system.
its frustrating. im so sick of windows. if it wasnt for photoshop/adobes lack of linux support, i would have ditched bills shitty os some time ago.