April 11th, 2007


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well. a little update on my life.

if you havnt figured it out, due to my lack of gripeing about andis "school" ive been homeschooling. and its great. i love it, i think shes doing fantastic.
we finally have a couch. andi should have a bed frame soon.
our tax return will be in our bank account friday, and we can pay off some debt, get some things we need, put some away, things of that nature.

i called last week about foster parenting, and recieved my packet/application today. itll be in the mail tomorrow. though the certification process begins with a 30 hour class, that wont be offered again until august or so. but thats ok, itll give us some time to prepare our home < its still not completely settled. of course everyone knows that it takes like a year, or more, to get everything in its place. then its time to move < for us renters > and prepare ourselves as a family. ive discussed it with andrea. im insanely excited about it.
theres this little quote in one of the brochure type things, it says...
"a hundred years from now, it will not matter how large my bank account was, or the sort of house i lived in, or the kind of car i drove; but the world may be a different place because i was important in the life of a child."
and i think its wonderful. and well said. because while these super fancy things are nice. and sure, i get jealous on occasion, what does it bring to their owners? does it really bring them happiness? im talking the kind of happiness i feel whenever i feel like ive helped someone. or ive made someones day. or ive changed someones life. because, while everyones different, my impact on others means more than anything to me. i dont mean what others think of me per se. but more so how ive affected them. my main goal is simply to be someones idol, to touch someones life that i dont directly have contact with < and even those that i do >

all my life, ive been most inspired by those that changed my life, by those that made me think differently, more broad, more open. the ones that gave me hope. and i want to give that back, as many times as possible.
every long term goal ive ever had, has revolved around this idea.

and right now. i have a car, far nicer than i would have expected to own even 5 years from now. i have a house thats perfect for me and my family. and money. well, i dont stress about money. we have enough, and thats really all we need.
"you cant take it with you"
but the idea that i will leave any kind of impact on this great earth after im gone. i dont have to "take that with me" because, ill leave it here.