March 25th, 2007


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weve been cleaning the crap out of the house all day. theres a couple boxes in the kitchen i need to figure out, then i sweep. and im done. well, for the most part. i mean, housework is never REALLY done.
and theres still several boxes in the garage with "junk" that i should go through, when i have the chance.
but for now, this will suffice. all we need is a couch, and our house, will be a home :)

my "studio" is in functional order. the backdrop stand is all completed and junk, and i have a few lights. ill get to test it out tomorrow, i will post pictures.

me and danielle made a pact, that this week < is this a pact? ah, who cares > i was not doing any extensive cleaning, were both going on a fruit < mostly oranges > and juice fast, and we are to take pictures/paint/sew/make shit every day. no excusses.

after im done with the kitchen, and ive had a chance to eat and all that jazz, im going to scan some images < and who knows what else > to sell.
i feel like ive been less than productive, though i know thats not the case at all, but just because i havnt made much effort at art, and selling things since i got back to nc. so yeah. i need to do that.

spring has sprung, and i love it.
when we were working on the garage yesterday i kept stopping, to dance. its great.

i think ill take some time out to play some ddr later as well, seeing as my living room < for the first time since all those damn boxes came > is clean, and as empty as its going to homely get.

life is good. ive had a mild headache since i woke up. but, maybe a good meal will fix it.