rojomiamor (rojomiamor) wrote,

so. im pregnant.

i havnt made any sort of formal announcement until now and this ones just to start the following story. i really only told my aunt plus a few people who im'd me when i first figured it out.

anyways. my understanding is that passport (ky medicaid) for pregnant women covers dental (this is one of those many things that are decided on a state level) and dog knows i need dental work (not that pregnancy is the best time to get it. but not full price is not full price) so, were half attempting to get passport for me for this reason (which, im starting to wonder if its even worth it since im technically in the 3rd trimester now, and serious procedures are not advised during the 1st and 3rd trimesters)

blah blah.
well, of course, i have to get a pregnancy test (which i should probably have anyways, in case its needed for the birth certificate) so we go to one place, they say they cant do it for a month (are you serious? a freaking test! youre THAT busy?!) and i ask about other places. they suggest "a womans choice" downtown. take note of that name!

as soon as we pull up i get a funny feeling.
the door says "abortion counseling", "free sonograms", and stuff of that nature.
i read as often as i think about it, and before even entering i feel confident that this is the place, that the anti choice folks try to trick women planning to terminate a pregnancy to going to.

so, we enter, the old lady at the counter says well have to come back tomorrow, because even though they dont close until 4, they need plenty of time to "counsel" me after giving me the test. b asks what they have to counsel me about and junk. she explains that theyre a "ministry" and want to talk to me about where i am "spiritually" and stuff. i just want a f#%$ing pregnancy test so i can get my teeth fixed lady! (plus itd be nice knowing i have "insurance" should i need to transfer, ya know)

so anyways. im going to see about some other places tomorrow. im just not ok with the place thats called "a womans choice" that actually makes every attempt to discourage choice. i dont want/need to discuss my faith or spirituality with anyone.

im all for freedom of opinion, speech, whatever. but violence, persuasion, lying, trickery, invading personal space, etc. is not acceptable. it wouldnt be acceptable if we used it to protest the construction of a new power plant, why is it acceptable here?

id rather wrestle through the nut jobs on saturday morning to get my test, than to give these folks the honor of my presence.
actually, itd likely be somewhat amusing. having 80+ anti choicers thinking i was going in to attempt to terminate my 6 month old fetus. oh man, im pretty round too, maybe i could convince them i was further than that.
Tags: abortion, pregnancy, pro choice, pro life, rights, womens

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