rojomiamor (rojomiamor) wrote,

this past week i ordered some prints.
2 orders for clients (only one was imminent) and some mtr ones for me.

the client that was expecting her image this week. well, she was expecting it. i told her id have it by friday and take it to her.
friday comes, we have things to do and dont sit at home all day. nothing unusual.
we get home friday night, no note, no package. then i remember "ahh! fedex has tracking." so i check on that, yup, says it was delivered, left on porch.
so wheres my package?

b walks around the neighborhood with a flashlight, no package.
its now sunday. noones come by, or stopped us outside, and said "hey, there was a package on your porch so i grabbed it to hold onto until you were around." or anything.

so where in the hell is the package?
how do i tell a client "ok, i promise i wasnt lying, i did order your picture, but it disappeared." i.e. some strange person has a picture of your daughter. im sorry.

its really shitty. i mean, we live in a mediocre part of town, but im not worried about the less than mediocre areas that immediately surround us, im worried about my neighbors!
lets make this an issue of race. there is one african american that lives on our street, and hes the only person on this street that i halfway trust/have faith in.

so. to accompany the neighbor fun, crazy cat lady peggy left us a note friday (coincidence?) telling us to come get our cats that goes in/out.
she says theyre indoor cats, they eat all her food, and one has been in her garage for weeks (funny, i swear we saw him the day before)
so. peggy (not her real name, i just think shes a peggy) has something like 6 outdoor cats, and 3 indoor cats. because of this she leaves cat food outside and has a cat door on her garage.
is it my fault that when i let my cat out it eats her food and goes in her kitty door?
how about how she always gives my dogs milk bones when she goes outside? its like pavlov, they here her back door open and run over and jump on the fence, waiting.
i guess when the fence ends up getting pushed over (and dog forbid one of my dogs runs into her yard and eats one of her cats) well be responsible for the fence. which is reassuring, because i dont like her giving the dogs shit anyways. their diet is pretty strict, and when they get junk like "milk bones" it makes them difficult to live with.

oh. then there was the day (sometime last week?) one of the girls was out there (its like 60s-70s during the day) with not a ton of clothing because b wanted them to get a good dose of vit. d (all 3 were fighting some bug off and on) then he overhears peggy saying something about dss to a.?! so i guess he interjected to see what was going on, and peggy was like "you need to get clothes on those girls, its freezing."
he of course told her he didnt need her to tell him what to do with his children or some such. but yeah.
this is my life.

away from the house, things are good. theres so much going on this time of year, its hard to even do half.
in the house theyre not even bad. im really trying to get in touch with my nesting. hehehe.

d's falling asleep in my lap, i need to get dressed.

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