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so, ever since the first incident of us being out of town and having things disappear from our home ive suspected our neighbor, just sort of, gut feeling? i guess. i just dont care for the guy.
then b went over there one day and noticed one of those "pet i cure" things on his table, we HAD one (but since havnt been able to find it.. hmm?)
i mean, its just a peticure, anyone could have one of those.

so, then the whole story this past time. the convenience of him having seen "the kids" running out of our house with a bag or whatever, blah blah.
this man that likely weighs around 300 lbs. supposedly chased these kids through our back yard and down the alley (but our back gate is chained shut, so he jumped the fence?)
just, he had such a huge elaborate story about the whole thing, i wasnt really buying it.

so. today b gets a call from a guy down the street. guy down the street says whatever, explaining that next door guy is telling everyone about these things he aquired, and guy down the street names the things that have gone missing, though weve never told guy down the street all the things that have disappeared.

so yeah, its really frustrating. i want to move, without moving. i mean, part of me is all like "i really like our back yard, and our garden that weve invested quite a bit into" not to mention other plants and herbs in the yard. yes, this is my first thought when i think of moving. haha.

ugh. its just frustrating. i dont feel threatened. i dont worry that someone will come in in the night. instead i worry that well come home to nothing.
i hate locking the door. really. i mean, for long trips, sure. but in nc, we never locked the door unless we were going to be gone more than a few days. i certainly didnt lock it when we were home.
our front lock is a big pain in the butt, so anymore we have to go in and out the side door, which makes for its own headache.

we hardly do anything on this side of town. i mean, we have to make a conscious effort just to go to the meijer over here. so wed probably save money if we found something a bit more east.

what to do, what to do.

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