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currently, i have a blogger blog for my photography, as well as my coal documenting progress, thoughts, etc.

blogger works out well for my photography, because, since its related to google, i can put images in a blog straight from picasa.

lots of people seem to use blogger.

ive also heard good things about wordpress.

i guess, there are some things i want to write about, "share" if you will, that id like to be available to a larger audience if they so desired to read it. but would they?

i recently (as in a few days ago) flew out to phoenix arizona to help a friend drive cross country (well, to here for now. then nc in a week)

ive never been further west than a tiny town in western illinois (going to 29 palms when i was 2 doesnt count, i dont remember it, never have)
and in the south, well, georgia, up through tennessee is as far west as ive been. so, it was a cool opportunity, which i didnt even consider much at first.

i didnt take a camera. i couldnt bear the thought of loosing even my backup in the airport, and lugging it around didnt sound all that exciting. i wish i had.

i flew from sdf (louisville) to milwaukee (sp?) then to phx. flying into wi was neat, i had no idea what lake michigan would look like from that height. it was pretty stunning. i kept thinking "is that the ocean? it looks like the ocean. i know wi is not by an ocean." on the plane to phx we got stuck in the very back, where there was no window. d was not excited about this at all, so most of our flight we paced the plane. i saw the "crop circles" they talk about it "home". the ones that rely on ancient wells for irrigation. i could see that some were all used up. just baron land.
the desert was strange. im not sure exactly what i expected. no grass. no trees. just desolate land. it was a sight to see, and id love to go back sometime, but no way could i live there. i need to see, hear, feel, the life, the living things, all around me.
at night. the sky was insanely clear. otherwise it was completely black in every direction save for headlights.
it wasnt long before my body felt dry from the lack of humidity. the way it does when we use our gas heat in the bite of winter.
albequerquie nm.. it must be in a valley of sorts. you drive along, through all this blackness, then its like someone spilled a box of xmas lights ahead. its beautiful in its own terribly man made sense.
later i passed a coal fired power plant. it was pretty big. 2 boiler stacks, 6 short water cooling stacks total. loads of lights, and just visual insanity. in the middle of the desert. the middle of darkness.
this was right off the highway, as in, directly beside it.
just before texas the sun was lighting the way once more. out of nowhere, i noticed some windmills situated on a rock/hill/mountain range in the distance. sure, my brain knew they didnt belong. maybe that flat mountain top would have been somehow more esthetically pleasing had those windmills not been there. but they were, and it didnt bother me a bit.
at the first available moment i looked on my phone to find out more about this wind farm. people graze/ move their cattle on it. windmills help make up for the money they were loosing with their seemingly somewhat humane cattle business.
then in texas, there was another. this one just scattered on a piece of farm land. the land in texas was even less exciting. there were inklings of grass. a few bushes. but the land had no texture. just flat prarie land. still depressing.
by oklahoma the scenery was becoming more familiar. more green. it wasnt all that bad.
and they had a wind farm RIGHT BESIDE the highway.
if i had to choose between driving past a massive, well lit, smokey power plant or a field full of windmills. well, the windmills dont make me nearly as sad.
missouri was very familiar. the roads were the best ive ever driven on, consistently.
there were signs discussing the dot's plans past present and future and what their progress was on such. yet i didnt see a single road cone. no reduced speeds, no lane closures. and it was so insanely smooth.

all in all we drove 1800 miles in 32 hours. so, im impressed.
i do hope that next time i have a camera, and im not in a rush. ive only ever seen the east coast (and the midwest) before now. and no matter how much i KNOW that things are different elsewhere, its hard to wrap my head around just how different.
i like different.
i long to be a gypsy. gliding from place to place. making my mark, while leaving no trace. as much as i try to supress that part of me. as much as i try to cover it up with my small longing for stability and "settling down", it remains. i guess i can long for "retirement".

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