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i can get a little defensive over the welfare debate.

oh, the joy of facebook. :)
its happened on more than one occasion. from someones post about their satisfaction wtih obama, to that about a certain local thrift store in nc.
some think welfare exists only for those too lazy to do anything for themselves.

im reminded of , i should post a mini version of my story there. or, my aunts story.

my aunt had 2 children of her own, whos father came around approx. 2x a year. child support got paid, because he was in the military, so theres no issue there. at any point, when my mother would "fall through the cracks", my aunt would offer to take me, no matter how temporary or extended. id go back and forth, my mother never giving her a dime, my aunt never asking for it.

there came a point where it was clear i was going to be with her for a good bit of time. she began to receive just over $100 a month in "afdc" for me. in addition to medicaid and whatever extra food stamps another child qualified her for.

in her late 20s, she walked several miles every week day to take her boys to day care, then walk to school, then back to day care and back home.
she got her degree, and at 28, got her license.

at some time, the state told her that she couldnt receive benefits for me unless she filed for custody and pursued my mother for child support. being that she had no intention of stiring the pot with my mom, and she knew my mom couldnt afford to pay any sort of child support, she accepted that she could no longer get benefits for me.

even still she cared for me, i dont ever remember feeling like i was loved or cared for any less than her own children. she gave me all she possibly could, and then some. it took years to realize what a sacrifice she made for me. but she did. and she always has, and i have no doubt she always will.

shortly after i moved out, she had another son. the father around. but the father died 4 years later.
his father always saw to it that she had a car while they were together. the one she had when he died, finally died as well. my grandmother who doesnt drive let her use her car, on the unspoken condition that she would bring her anything she needed any time she needed it, and take her anywhere she needed to go when she needed to go. because of this my aunts been unable to obtain a job in the recent years. so technically, shes a non hardworking welfare moocher. of course, it depends what your definition of "hard working" is.
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