rojomiamor (rojomiamor) wrote,

no udder milk will do

so, im going to make an effort to make more public posts. maybe theyll be less interesting, maybe theyll be more. well see.

today i stumbled upon multiple things, completely unintentionally, that got my hamster running.

1. little girl goes to dairy farm, is pumped to feed baby cows formula with bottles.

so.. lets analyze this. baby cow gets formula, so mother cow can be milked for human consumption. i wonder if the formula was made with breastmilk? (no really, this is about cows, not lactivism, surprise surprise) seriously though, i cant even put into words the multitude of thoughts that rush through my head when i think of that scenario, that happens constantly in our country (literally constantly. calves are allowed to nurse for 6 hours, then theyre seperated, never to see their mother again, and given a bottle with powder based formula.)
i guess, while ive known this for some time, i dont think about it much. we dont drink cow's milk, and we hardly fool with any form of cow dairy. but the thought makes me a little sick. sorry to go all animal rights on you, but as a mother, this just seems almost as far from ok as it gets. 

there was a #2, but i forgot it. :)
Tags: animal, artificial, baby, bottle, calf, cow, dairy, formula, milk, mother, raw, rights

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