rojomiamor (rojomiamor) wrote,

for whatever reason, i tend to find myself slightly aquainted with someone that absolutely grates my nerves.

and i cant draw myself to completely remove them from my life, ill blame it on my love of mental/intellectual stimulation (stupid people make me think that much harder)

so, the particular person in question recently posted this on a popular social networking site...

"If it wasn’t for the good lord and the man, There wouldn’t be a breath of freedom in this land. I see people on my T.V. taking shots at uncle Sam, I hope they always remember why they can, 'Cause we’d all be speakin’ German, Livin’ under the flag of Japan, If it wasn’t for The Good Lord & The Man."

im not sure where such a quote came from, but it makes me want to scream, as sheeple accomplish nothing, and never have, in the way of freedoms and progress. so i thought for a brief moment, as thats all the time i have to think about things like this, and this was the best i could come up with...

"lest not forget, our freedoms were accomplished not by "the man", but by civilians protesting british rule. this continues to be the way our freedoms are afforded and maintained. (ie. womens rights, civil rights, etc.)"

i wish i was wittier. i wish my fact based knowledge was in a more easilly acessable part of my brain.

i just hate the notion that an unjustified war somewhere is what secures the few freedoms we have left. honestly, i think its safe to say, that "the man" has removed more of our freedoms than ... anyone. and if we dont control "the man" (our government) we will only loose more freedoms (hello cspia)



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