rojomiamor (rojomiamor) wrote,

i want to be in bed, but while laying down i remembered i really needed to submit an order. so here i am, waiting for it to upload.

we spent most of the day trying to get (mac) osx on the two hps (a laptop, and my desktop) ending in success for the laptop. the desktop will require a little more dedication that will have to come at a later date. its fun to sit on osx, with the specs of a macbook pro (minus the video card, that thing has poop for video) having not spent anywhere near the macbook pro pricetag.

if i successfully get it on the desktop, issue free, i may just lay off the "i need a mac" bit. of course, i think itll only give me more reason to long for the display, but shoot, thats 1/3rd the price. and if you consider ill have mac pro specs, its an even smaller fraction (of course you could account what we paid for this tower, which was still a good deal and nowhere NEAR a mac pro to match)

i probably dont make sense right now. im mad tired.

tomorrow we see a school house rocks play type deally. i think itll be fun.

i MUST remember to force brian to register for summer classes following. ive been putting off making plans for my coal documentary treks until we know what hes looking at, and im tired of waiting. im ready to see the missing mountains NOW!
i want my brain and heart to grow more and more. i want to capture it all on... (data?)
i want to inform someone, inspire someone, captivate, bring about awe. and most of all change.

i keep hearing the photos are NOTHING like the real thing. which i in no way doubt. i just hope, really really hope, that i can photograph all of this as artistically raw as possible. to where its captivating, and profound. i hope to reveal every aspect that the mass majority of people will never see. the people, the mountains, the power plants. all the way eugene smith did the girl in the bath tub. lewis hine the children in the factories. i want it to change my life as much as i hope it changes others.

this is my calling and shit. lost mountain was so awesome. the author was a pantheist. the more i learn about pantheism the more i feel like there is a single classification for me and my beliefs. god (for me) is the earth, the sun, the air. all that is natural. all that was before us, and will ideally be after us. to destroy a piece of nature. destroy being of destruction, opposite of construction, ie. constructive. you destroy a part of me, my children, my brothers, and my sisters. "property" is so silly. how can we say something is "ours" that was never "ours" to begin with. how can you purchase something that was around long before your ancestors?
i just do not comprehend humans. so inconsiderate.

my order finished. goodnight!

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