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world breastfeeding week

so what if its passed.
i will post this in my journal in honor of said week.

It’s World Breastfeeding Week (WBW), and this year’s motto, "Breast Feeding the 1st Hour -- Save One Million Babies," is emphasizing the importance of breastfeeding during the newborn’s first hour of life.

Breastfeeding in the first hour, according to a 2006 study published in the journal Pediatrics, could save 41 percent of newborns who would otherwise die in their first month of life.

Breastfeeding right away increases the likelihood that babies will continue to breastfeed, and also gives them colostrum, a mother’s first milk. Colostrum, often called the “perfect food for every newborn,” is rich in antibodies and essential nutrients.

Mothers also benefit from early breastfeeding through improved lactation and less loss of blood.

Also part of WBW is the slogan "Welcome Baby Softly." It encourages protecting the first hour between a mother and baby, so they’re able to bond naturally. One of the best ways to do this is by placing the newborn on the mother’s chest, skin-to-skin. During this time, babies actually feel less pain and it’s not uncommon for the baby to intuitively latch onto the breast to feed.

Medical News Today August 1, 2007

Pediatrics March 2006

as much as i resent life and its aspects preventing me from nursing my oldest for an extended period. i have to also wonder how much different it would have been if i did not nurse at all.
i completely understand that not everyone can breastfeed. but to hear about/see mothers that dont even attempt it, tears me up, for the child.
its hard being a parent, and trying to make the best decisions for these little people that cannot yet make informed decisions. but this is one of the easier ones.
and if you doubt your body and nature are more beneficial than artificial things created in labs. then just do some full fledged unbiased research.

for all the mommas out there: EVERY DROP COUNTS

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